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HADJOD & ASHWAGANDHA – Connecting with Advance Ayurveda, we are the reputed and top company established in the year 2010. Our company is known for its herbal ayurvedic drugs that are highly affordable. We also deliver the HADJOD & ASHWAGANDHA all across the nation at affordable prices. Advance Ayurveda has a very innovative range of herbal products.

Also, we have a team of experts that produce all kinds of products like Syrups, Tablets, Churans, Oils, Ointments and Gels, Juices, Cosmetic/Soaps/Toothpaste, and other Herbal Products. We believe in manufacturing and exporting only high-quality ayurvedic products and drugs for the treatment of several illnesses. Our organization provides the Best Ayurvedic Medicine Business Opportunities in India.

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Advance Ayurveda manufactures the product the name of AD-HADJOD and this product is one of the best products in the category of Capsules. This capsule is highly effective for bone health. It heals and strengthens the bones. This is made with various herbal ingredients including HADJOD & ASHWAGANDHA.

Surprising Health Benefits of HADJOD:

  • Fortifies bones and joints
  • It regulates the digestive process
  • This protects the hepatic system
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac
  • Efficiently detoxifies the body
  • Heals bone conditions
  • It promotes weight loss
  • Treats dental infection
  • Manages Epilepsy Symptoms
  • Remedies Severe Haemorrhoids
  • Alleviates Asthma Symptoms
  • Controls Blood Sugar Levels
  • Improves Heart Health

Amazing Benefits of ASHWAGANDHA:

Ashwagandha contains chemicals that help to calm the brain, reduce swelling, lower blood pressure, as well as alter the immune system. Also, this is used for many conditions that are related to stress.

  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Reduces cortisol levels and stress
  • Improves male fertility
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Helps in muscle building
  • It may improve brain function, especially memory


Here to conclude we give you all the information related to HADJOD & ASHWAGANDHA which is manufactured and supplied by our company Advance Ayurveda by using high-grade raw material. Our products are 100% natural, pure and effective. If you are interested and want to buy this capsule in a broad range at the best prices then contact us now at the given details.